“No New Pipelines”-Sierra Club

The Sierra Club emailed me this important alert; I share it here with all to join in taking action:

Say no to new tar sands pipelines

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Dear Eldy,

As we write this, Arctic scientists are watching in fascination as a raging cyclone tears up chunks of the North Pole’s thinning ice, which will inevitably speed up its melt-rate.

Last year Arctic ice melted in record amounts.  We have yet to see what happens this year but there is currently a lake over the ice on the North Pole and one thing is certain: the ice is melting off much faster than predicted in the most daring global warming models.
We are rapidly approaching a tipping point for global warming. Together we can avoid the worst of the impacts, if we take action now
Here in British Columbia, July has brought record heat and drought to large parts of the province. Global warming is already negatively impacting our forests, our agriculture, and the productivity of our marine waters, the mainstay of B.C.’s thriving aquaculture industry.
Learn more about the impacts of global warming in B.C. with our new interactive tool.
As the saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The World Bank, the International Energy Agency and the world’s foremost scientists have warned that expanding fossil fuel infrastructure will bring global warming to a point of no return.
The time is now to choose a different path forward.

While B.C. has said “no” to the proposed Enbridge pipeline and tankers project “as it stands”, the province has left the door open to the proposed new Kinder Morgan pipeline from Alberta to Vancouver.
Take action now.  Ask Premier Clark and the B.C. government to reject all new tar sands pipelines and tankers in British Columbia.

Sincerely, Caitlyn Vernon    Colin-Campbell Caitlyn Vernon  Colin Campbell Coastal Campaigner           Science Advisor Sierra Club BC                      


About Sierra Club BC Sierra Club BC‘s mission is to protect B.C.’s wilderness and wildlife, especially in light of global warming.


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