Gratitude Saturday a day late

I’ll start this off by saying that I am really grateful that Saturday is long gone for this week.  I spent 5 hours bathing, drying, de-matting and combing out a gigantic shepard/husky X.  We have had such a humid spring and summer that most double coated dogs have had difficulty releasing their heavy winter undercoat.  This one in particular only gets groomed once a year and is always a big job anyway…yesterday was a wickedly hard time for both of us.

Today I had time to commune with nature and I am infinitely grateful for the bounty that our Mother Earth offers up.  I gathered peas from my garden for supper, thanking the earth with each and every pluck from the vines.  I spent about an hour pulling weeds…I am so grateful to have the raised beds that I can sit on the edge of to do that.  Thank you Mike for building them!!!  Then I wandered about the property picking beautiful ripe Saskatoon berries, listening to the birds and the constant hum of bees around me.  I pick these wild berries with immense gratitude…what a gift they are!


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