Gratitude Saturday

What a gloriously beautiful day to be alive.  The sun is shining…not a cloud in the sky.  There is a light breeze and the humidity is not high.  The garden is growing lavishly; we are already enjoying strawberries, lettuce and spinach.  The peas are starting to fill out and all the rest of the garden is blooming in preparation to vegetable production.  The dogs are content; the big ones have accepted the new puppy wonderfully.  The new cats are settling into a state of “détente” with Bella…no open warfare but rather a state of tolerance.  We have one board dog that we are not mixing with our own (fence in between only) as he is an intact male.  He is not as content as the rest but is accepting his lot.  There is a sense of calm about the place which I love.

For all of this I am grateful!


4 thoughts

  1. Sounds lovely and almost spring-like to me. We’re almost through corn and tomato season here. It’s strange (to me) how fast the summer season is moving now that I’m farther south. I have a Bella, too. She seems to be in charge around here. 🙂

    • Location, location, location as the saying goes. Our “tommies” are just blossoming now…I miss corn as our growing season is too short.

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