Action Alert – Help Save Fish Lake

I have just received and acted upon this email alert from the Wilderness Committee; I share it here with all who may also wish to have their voices heard:

Action Alert – Help Save Fish Lake

Hi Eldy,

We have a great opportunity to ramp up our fight to save Fish  Lake from Taseko Mines Ltd.’s open-pit mine plans. Please take a couple of minutes  to help out!

Since 2010, the Wilderness Committee has been part of the  campaign to save Fish Lake (located west of Williams Lake, BC) from being  ruined by a massive open-pit gold and copper mine being proposed by Taseko  Mines. Taseko’s original proposal – called Prosperity Mine – was turned down by  the federal government.

But the company reworked its plans and now a federal Environmental  Assessment Panel is ready to review Taseko’s new mine proposal (again), which  they have named the “New Prosperity Mine”.

The Tsilhqot’in Nation, who are the aboriginal owners of the  territory, are strongly opposed to the New Prosperity Mine – and so are we.

One of our concerns is that important information requested  by the Environmental Assessment Panel has not been provided by the mining  company, despite  several requests to do so. Some of the information requested has to do with  the movement of water underground. There is concern that with the massive mine  so close downstream from Fish Lake there is potential for the lake water to  drain away into the mine. And, with the tailings impoundment held back by a  huge dam just upstream from Fish Lake, there is concern that water from the  tailings pond could migrate into Fish Lake.   The  Tsilhqot’in Nation are also frustrated by a lack of proper information from the  mining company.

Sadly, despite the lack of  requested information, on June 20th the Environmental Assessment  Panel announced that the issue will go to a public hearing beginning July 22,  2013. It is very important that the Environmental Assessment Panel hears  from you about your opposition to Taseko’s proposed New Prosperity Mine at Fish  Lake. Please click here to use  our letter-writing tool and write to them now!

Thank you for standing up for  Fish Lake once again!

For the wild,

Joe Foy | National Campaign Director Wilderness Committee

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My letter follows:

New Prosperity Gold-Copper Mine Project Federal Review Panel Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency 160 Elgin St., 22nd Floor Ottawa, ON  K1A 0H3

CC: BC Premier Christy Clark BC Leader of the Official Opposition Adrian Dix Federal Minister of Environment Peter Kent

RE: Save Fish Lake – Stop the New Prosperity Mine

I have serious concerns regarding the New Prosperity Mine.

First of all, the area is home to a population of grizzly bears that would be put at risk by the proposed mine.

Secondly, building a massive open-pit mine very close to Fish Lake and then storing the tailings behind a huge dam just upstream from Fish Lake is very risky.

Further, the Tsilhqot’in Nation are opposed to the proposed mine and have said so repeatedly.

I have a great respect for the betterment of our great nation, however, placing the health and welfare of all of the inhabitants of this region is quite simply put….WRONG.  The environmental impact of this project is far too risky to allow it to go ahead.

The Tsilhqot’in Nation – whose territory encompasses Fish Lake, an extremely abundant trout lake located west of Williams Lake BC – are strongly opposed to the construction of the New Prosperity open-pit gold and copper mine, which Taseko Mines Ltd. is proposing to build right next to the lake.

Many groups and individuals support the Tsilhqot’in in their efforts to protect their territory from the proposed New Prosperity mine. The proposed mine is about to undergo a public hearing as part of the federal Environmental Assessment process.

I am personally opposed to the approval of this particular proposed mine and will never support a government that places monetary gain above the lives of all Canadians…and that most definitely includes the Tsilhqot’in Nation.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my concerns in this particular matter.



2 thoughts

  1. Hi, eldy,

    I don’t often write these letters, and I may have been way too simplistic, but here is the text of my letter:

    To the Panel,

    An open-pit mine, and its corollary dam, pose a huge risk to the wildlife of the area, ruin this beautiful part of Canada, and show the disdain and disrespect of your company for both the Native Canadian population, and every other person in your country and the world. We humans can no longer tear at our world with impunity; for every tree you cut, less oxygen is recycled to our atmosphere for our very breaths. I know this sounds alarmist, but in fact I am stating the consequences as calmly and respectfully as I can.

    Please halt this destructive project, and preserve just a little of Canada’s beauty and resources for living.

    With hope that you will regard my plea, I remain,

    Cordially yours,

    Judith Atwood

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