William Barton

This is a most wonderful share that I just had to do a re-blog to share it with others who may not know this site yet. Enjoy!!


My favourite indigenous classical musician is William Barton, didjeridu player extraordinaire! We were privileged to hear him play in 2006 on a barnstorming tour with the Sculthorpe Quartet, playing a Peter Sculthorpe piece sent by fax that very day. The whole building (the Moruya Mechanics Institute) turned into a musical instrument, with floor boards vibrating to the strings and the didjeridu, holding us all spellbound long after the last note faded.


Here is a video of William Barton playing Didjeridu with guitarist Anthony Garcia. They have recently released an album called Desert Stars Dancing. Keep watching to enjoy the very interesting abc radio interview with them both, and an excerpt from the new cd! I also love William Barton’s work Kalkadunga Yurdu with the Song Company.

William Barton is considered one of Australia’s leading didjeridu players and composers. Born in Mount Isa, he was taught to play the instrument from an early age…

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