TimberWest wants to cut in the Great Bear Rainforest

Yet another important alert for action to save the environment from Forest Ethics:

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You won’t believe what TimberWest wants to cut in the Great Bear Rainforest

Threatened ancient Cedar and Fir, Sonora Island Spring 2013 (Photo: Tavish Campbell)

Dear Eldy,

A while back you pledged to help us in our campaign to get the conservation agreements wrapped up to protect the Great Bear Rainforest. We are asking for your help now.
We’ve recently learned that TimberWest is logging some of the last remaining majestic stands of old-growth forests in the hard-hit southern region of the Great Bear Rainforest, despite provincial regulations compelling the company to set these stands aside. Residents of Sonora Island discovered this spring that TimberWest is preparing to clear-cut some of these last old-growth forests (as seen in the photo above).
TimberWest is using highly questionable interpretations of provincial logging rules to log old-growth forests that must be left standing. Old growth forests on Sonora Island and other parts of the company’s tenure are under immediate threat.
We need your help with this. Please take action by sending a message to TimberWest’s CEO Brian Frank asking him to follow the rules in spirit and intent, and participate in good faith to conserve the Great Bear Rainforest. And please share this troublesome news with everyone you can.

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