Great Bear Rainforest Agreement

Here is an e-mail alert from Forest Ethics to share:


The deadline for completing the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements is only nine months away. Will the province of British Columbia ensure new logging rules will increase conservation enough to sustain the health of this magnificent forest ecosystem? That’s the challenge. We know they will do something. But will they do enough?

It looks promising, but we’re not there yet. We need your help to ensure the BC government completes the Great Bear Agreement within the next nine months. Sign our petition to these leaders now!

Just last week ForestEthics Solutions co-hosted a Great Bear Rainforest Customer and Investor Roundtable with our allies (Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and Canopy) along with representatives from 27 very large paper and lumber buyers from across the globe (including Home Depot, Lowes, Sprint and Kimberly Clark). We all share a common interest: to see the Great Bear Agreements completed.

There is a lot at stake for British Columbia’s reputation and forests. BC’s Minister of Forests, Steve Thomson, was the keynote speaker at the event. He said loud and clear that the Great Bear Agreements are a priority of the provincial government.

Let’s make sure they don’t fumble in the home stretch.

The recently elected provincial government meets together in the British Columbia legislature for the first time on June 26th. Over the next 100 days provincial representatives will meet with First Nations, logging industry, and environmentalists who have been working hard to implement the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement.

This is British Columbia’s chance to step forward and fulfill the promise they made when they announced the world-leading Great Bear Rainforest Agreements in 2006 – full Ecosystem Based Management that meets the science recommendations to maintain healthy Great Bear Rainforests. Let’s hold government to their word. Sign our petition now!


Valerie Langer

Director of BC Forest Conservation,

ForestEthics Solutions

Valerie Langer

To join in and sign the petition click HERE.

P.S. Already signed the petition? Thanks! Now can you forward this email to three friends and help us stregnthen our message to the new government?

The 100-day challenge to protect the Great Bear Rainforest starts NOW.

Take action for Douglas firs

Take action

Let the recently elected government of British Columbia know that you want to see the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements fully completed by the March 2014 deadline.


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