How does my garden grow?!

IMGP9361 (1280x662)Here is an update on this seasons’ sustainable garden.  We have improved our watering method with proper soaker hoses…last year’s hoses did not work well at all.  We have also built more cold frames to ensure that our cold nights do not harm the plants. The cold frames have also protected the garden beds from at least 6 horrendous hail storms that would have beaten the little plants to death.  What a spring for thunderstorms, heavy rains and torrential hail!  The compost pile was not ready for use in the soil but I did enrich it with the concoction of fish guts, heads and tails that had burbled all last summer in a big barrel. That was a nasty job that I did late in the fall but I think it was good enrichment for the soil.  I only disturbed the top foot of soil in the beds to maintain the healthy biodiversity of micro-life under there.  I also rotated what I planted so as not to encourage certain bugs and  plant diseases.  Our summer season is short but we will have good veggies right at our fingertips.


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    • Thank you, we have been building away at it for a few years. It has always been my joy to plop myself in the middle of a garden and mess about in the dirt.

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