Time to put the brakes on BC’s gas industry

I got this email alert from Wilderness Committee to share and take action:

Hi Eldy,

Lately British Columbians have been hearing a lot about the  gas industry from leaders in the provincial government. Last week, BC Premier  Christy Clark went so far as to announce a brand new provincial ministry  dedicated to creating a thriving natural gas industry hinged on exports of  liquefied natural gas (LNG).

But what does all this industrial development mean for the  environment and for the people of BC?

If you’re one of the  many Canadians who have burning questions about the gas industry and its  impacts, we’ve got a helpful new resource for you.

Our latest report, BC  Gas: Boom or Bust?, connects the dots between the extraction  process, the export strategy and the impact this resource will have on BC’s  fresh water, communities and the global climate. Click  here to visit the Wilderness Committee website and download the full report.

Government and industry have been touting LNG as a “cleaner”  energy source and an easy route to prosperity. But there’s a catch.

Most of the gas that would feed this new LNG industry would  come from the dangerous extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing, or  “fracking”. Fracking is raising serious concerns worldwide because of its  excessive use and contamination of fresh water, as well as public health fears  due to toxic chemicals and radioactivity – not to mention the associated  climate change impacts.

And fracking is only the beginning. Once the gas is  extracted, the plan is to ship the stuff all the way to the west coast, where  it would be converted to liquid form and shipped overseas on tankers. The process of turning gas into LNG would require  huge amounts of energy and would produce MASSIVE amounts of greenhouse gas  emissions – basically, it’s a huge slap in the face to all the British  Columbians who have worked hard for years to reduce emissions and combat  climate change.
Please check out our new report to learn more about what the BC  government isn’t telling us about the gas industry. Take action today by sending  a letter to Premier Christy Clark, asking her to put a stop to BC’s reckless  LNG ambitions, enact a moratorium on fracking and recommit to meaningful action  on climate change. Click here to write your letter now!

You can also help spread the word by sharing the report  on social media, or passing it along to your friends, family and colleagues. If  you’d like to distribute hard copies of the report in your neighbourhood,  please email papers@wildernesscommittee.org and we’ll send you as many as you need.

Thank you!

Eoin Madden | Climate Change Campaigner Wilderness Committee

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Thank you for supporting wilderness.

The Wilderness Committee is Canada’s largest membership-based,  citizen-funded wilderness preservation organization.

I popped into the letter writing site and sent away this letter:

Dear Premier Christy Clark:

I, and many other Canadians and British Columbians, have the following concerns with the LNG industry which you have been touting as “clean”:

•Most of the gas that would feed BC’s new LNG industry would be obtained using the dangerous extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) – injecting huge amounts of highly pressurized, chemical-laced water deep underground.

•There are currently permits in BC gifting 60 million gallons of fresh water to the gas industry every day, from 540 of the province’s precious creeks, rivers and lakes. That’s twice the amount of water used daily by the entire city of Victoria!

•The fracking process uses a number of mysterious chemicals – including radioactive substances – and can result in harmful wastewater that threatens the health of local communities. •After extraction, the plan is to ship the fracked gas via pipeline to the north coast, where it would be converted into liquid form at one of several proposed LNG plants.

•The process of turning gas into LNG requires huge amounts of energy and produces a massive amount of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), creating a serious barrier to our attempts to combat climate change. Even if only five of the proposed LNG plants go ahead, they would release up to 63 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere per year – more than the current emissions from the Alberta tar sands and equal to the entire amount of GHGs produced in BC in 2010.

This is not “clean” at all!! It is toxic to the environment, to all life within its scope and to all humanity. This flagrant misuse of our clean fresh and currently abundant water resources is flat out not in any way good for B.C.

The province of BC must: •Put a stop to BC’s reckless LNG ambitions

•Enact a moratorium on hazardous fracking operations

•Recommit to emissions reduction targets and take meaningful action on climate change

Thank you for taking the time to read and seriously consider the concerns I have listed here. As the leader of the party in power at this time it is your responsibility to keep all of us safe…including all our environment!



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