Green Party of Canada Platform: 4.11.7 Gun control and ownership rights

A continuing review of  the Green Party of Canada’s Platform:

4.11.7 Gun control and ownership rights

Police associations across Canada assert that the gun registry helps them keep law and order and save lives. Many rural Canadians and First Nations people find the gun registry restrictions onerous and discriminatory. We need to better balance these interests without allowing guns to be prevalent in society.

The Green Party understands that it is time to get tough on gun smuggling across the U.S. border. Thousands of handguns are coming across the border and into our urban centres.  We need to work with each of the US border states to press for action against gun smugglers and invest in tougher border measures to halt the movement of illegal firearms.

The risks created by having dangerous weapons in our urban centres are significant. We will introduce balanced and fair measures to ban handguns and semi-automatic firearms. However, the use of guns in our urban centres is typically not the same as the use of guns in our rural communities. We will ensure that law-abiding citizens pursuing legal activities in hunting with long guns are free from unreasonable fees and the threat of criminalization.

The Green Party will keep the long gun registry, but reduce the paperwork and bureaucratic burden for rural use, and for hunters and marksmen with no criminal history.

Green Party MPs will:

  • Provide increased support for Integrated Border Enforcement Teams made up of officers from the RCMP, Canada Border Services, U.S. Customs and the U.S. Coast Guard in their gathering of intelligence and arresting of gun smugglers.

  • Put strict measures in place for those who attempt to cross the Canada/U.S. border with illegal firearms. Ensure that gun smuggling is prosecuted as a gun crime of the highest order rather than as a customs violation.

  • Fulfill Canada’s obligation under international agreements (United Nations Firearms Protocol and the Organization of American States Firearms Convention) to mark all imported firearms, as recommended by the Canadian Association of Police Boards and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

  • Ensure that gun crime charges are not dropped to facilitate convictions on lesser charges.

  • Work hard to create a registration system that is fair, free, and easy to use. Streamline the gun registry in consultation with First Nations, and with gun sports and hunter organizations. We support the elimination of registration fees for hunting rifles and will ensure law-abiding citizens do not have their firearms confiscated.

  • Ban handguns and combat weapons including semi-automatic rifles and assault rifles. Eliminate their use through consultation and a full buy-back program. Consult especially with holders of collections to ensure guns are rendered non-functional to eliminate usefulness to thieves, and with target shooters to establish safe and protected locations where target shooting can be practiced.

Comments and discussion are welcomed.  I am examining this as I go to gain a better grasp of their platform and invite all who are interested to do the same with comments and discussion.


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