Let’s Stand Up for BC’s Provincial Parks!

A great opportunity from the Wilderness Committee to read a new report and write a letter on behalf of our Provincial Parks:


Hi Eldy,

Are you  heading out into the great outdoors this May long weekend? I’m excited to  be visiting the South Okanagan Grasslands Protected Area to enjoy the beautiful  scenery, and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to see some rare birds like the sage  thrasher or grasshopper sparrow.

If you do  get out to explore this weekend, chances are you will be visiting one of Canada’s  magnificent provincial or national parks or protected areas.

Canadians  love nature, and here in BC, we are very lucky that our parks protect some of  the best of the province. Whether you want to hike old-growth trails, visit an  awe-inspiring waterfall or simply sit on the beach and reconnect with the wild  – you can do it all in a provincial park.

Unfortunately, right now our incredible  BC parks are in trouble. A decade of neglect has seen parks close, trails fall into disrepair,  visits decline and park rangers become an endangered species. In fact, the BC  Auditor General found that the provincial government was “not  meeting its goal” to conserve the ecological integrity of our protected  area system.

We can  change this.

The  Wilderness Committee has just produced a new educational report on BC’s provincial  parks, which you can read here. With this report you can learn about  the challenges our parks face and the simple solutions that can help repair our  park system.

As many  of you know, Tuesday night BC re-elected a Liberal government. As they head into their next  four-year mandate, let’s make sure they make our parks a priority.

The good  news is that surveys show 95% of British Columbians believe provincial parks  are “important” or “very important.” So when you stand up for BC’s parks, you’re in good company. Over the past decade, people speaking up for parks have  kept private for-profit resorts out of our protected areas, and were  responsible for removing the wildly unpopular – and money-losing – parking  meters. We can do the same for increasing BC Parks’ impoverished operational  budget.

We know  our parks are worth protecting. Please join me in taking five minutes to let BC’s  returning Premier Christy Clark know how much you value our parks and want them  properly funded and protected.

Click here to visit our website  and write a letter now!

Gwen Barlee | Policy Director Wilderness Committee

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Thank you for supporting wilderness.

The Wilderness Committee is Canada’s largest membership-based,  citizen-funded wilderness preservation organization.


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