100 Day Challenge from Forest Ethics

This news in from Forest Ethics to share:


Today British Columbians woke up to a re-elected Liberal provincial government. Will they make completing the Great Bear Rainforest conservation and human well-being agreements a priority? Let’s make it so.  Every government identifies a few priorities for its first 100 days of their term. Today we’re launching the 100 Day Challenge to the newly elected government to tell them they need to complete the final conservation step in the Great Bear Rainforest this fall.

The 100 Day Challenge for the Great Bear Rainforest is on. Add your voice to the challenge now!    Together, you and I need to let them know, loud and clear, that protecting the Great Bear Rainforest – its Spirit Bears, its Tailed frogs, its Northern Goshawks and Marbled Murrelets; its Grizzlies, black bears and wolves; its salmon and its magnificent trees – is their new job. This must be one of their top priorities.    We have waited long enough! Sign the petition letting the government know they need to show fast and strong leadership to safeguard the amazing Great Bear Rainforest. We will amplify your signature into a big resounding call to do right by the forests of the Great Bear. We will hand-deliver the petition to BC’s government and we’ll sit down with its members to get this agreement finished – for the good of our wild forests and for all of us.


Valerie Langer                                             Director of BC Forest Campaigns,                                             ForestEthics Solutions

P.S. Already signed the petition? Thanks! Now join us on Facebook to tell the world what you do and don’t love… the ForestEthics staff has started quite a creative meme to get our message to the new government and we need your help to spread the word!


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