Help Metro Vancouver Stand Up Against Big Coal!

here is another letter writing opportunity rom the Wilderness Committee that can make a difference:

Help Metro Vancouver Stand Up Against Big Coal!

Hi Eldy,

Back in November 2012, we told you about the risk that Greater Vancouver could become the biggest coal exporter in North America. In the United States, Big Coal has continued to push hard to get its   dirty products over the border to BC, because they know we don’t have the   same legal protections for the environment as our neighbours to the south  in Washington State.

New proposals for coal export expansions in the Metro Vancouver   region have raised serious concerns about climate change and local   health impacts. Right now we have the chance to speak up about   one coal shipping proposal that is not yet approved, and to show our   support for a Metro Vancouver committee that’s trying to stop it.

The proposed Fraser Surrey Docks Direct Coal Transfer Facility, if   approved, would handle up to 4 million tonnes (Mt) of coal per year,   with the potential to increase to 8 Mt per year. Combined with the   region’s existing port capacity, this expansion would boost Metro   Vancouver’s coal exports up to a potential 59 million tonnes per year.   That’s enough coal to fill 650,000 rail cars – enough to build a train   that would stretch all the way from Vancouver to St. John’s,   Newfoundland, and then back to Toronto!

The port authority recently approved a controversial proposal to expand coal shipping from North Vancouver’s Neptune Bulk Terminals, so it’s even more critical that we take action now to halt the application from Fraser Surrey Docks.

Thankfully, the Environment and Parks Committee of Metro Vancouver   has recently approved a recommendation that proves it has been listening   to the concerns of citizens in the Lower Mainland. The Committee has   recommended that the Board of Metro Vancouver write to the port   authority and declare its opposition to the Fraser Surrey Docks   proposal. However, the Committee needs as much support as it can possibly get in order for the Board to follow this recommendation.

That’s why we’re asking you to please WRITE NOW and send a   letter to the Board of Metro Vancouver, urging them to FOLLOW this   recommendation and formally oppose the expansion at the Fraser Surrey   Docks.

We are quickly running out of time to halt the onslaught of the full   effects of climate change; this week, scientists revealed that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached 400 parts per million (ppm), the highest concentration of global warming greenhouse gas that has occurred in human history. Now it’s time  to send a clear message that it is   not in any of our interests to continue to extract, ship and burn coal –   the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel.

Please help spread the word, and insist that the Board of Metro   Vancouver do the right thing – for the health of our local communities,   and for the global climate – by stopping the increase in coal exports   from BC’s coast!

The Board of Metro Vancouver is meeting to discuss this motion on THURSDAY, MAY 16 – so please click here and write your letter now!


Eoin Madden | Climate Change Campaigner Wilderness Committee

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Thank you for supporting wilderness.

The Wilderness Committee is Canada’s largest membership-based,  citizen-funded wilderness preservation organization.

I’ve headed on over to sign a letter!


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