The Green Party of Canada Platform: Introduction

A continuing review of  the Green Party of Canada’s Platform.


Since 2007, the Green Party of Canada has presented a comprehensive statement of our policies and programmes.

Periodically we update and expand this document to ensure we are ready at any time to put forward a positive vision, grounded in current realities.

Vision Green presents a well-researched analysis of critical environmental, economic and social challenges facing Canadians from coast to coast to coast, and presents practical solutions that can be achieved if there is the political will and leadership to take forward-looking action. It was developed by our Green Cabinet and was informed by experts, activists and citizens who participated in policy workshops held across Canada. Our vision is based on policies approved by the membership of the Green Party.

Our solutions are realistic because they follow “best practices” already in place in parts of Canada and around the world. These practices are cost-effective, deliver results, and benefit people, the economy and the environment.

The Green Party’s down-to-earth solutions will work in Canada because they have worked around the world. Many have been successfully applied in Europe, where Greens are elected at all political levels, including the European Union and national parliaments. Countries where Greens have served in government are the countries creating new high-paying jobs while simultaneously meeting targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are the countries where the gap between rich and poor is small and the standard of living is high. These countries don’t trade off the environment for the economy. Their economies and environmental laws are both strong.

Green Party solutions are rational because the Green Party, unlike other parties, understands the scientific reality of limits to growth set by the carrying capacity of our planet. We must work within these limits. Otherwise, we will exhaust resources, degrade our environment and put our economy, health and children’s future at risk. Many people find it hard to position the Green Party on the old political spectrum. We believe in sound fiscal management and strengthening our economy while ensuring that it is sustainable. Does that mean we are “right wing”? We believe that government must provide needed social services while protecting our environment and the rights of women, minorities and disadvantaged people. Does that make us “left wing”? We don’t think so. More and more people are simply thinking of the Green Party as the party of the future.

The Green Party is different from other parties in another important way. We will never place the pursuit of power above principle. We will not allow partisan politics to get in the way of good ideas and needed action. We agree with Canadians who say it’s time for parties in parliament to stop bickering and get on with the job of governing, combating climate change and taking better care of our environment, our health and our economy.

The Green Party of Canada, founded in 1983, is now a major force in Canadians politics. Nearly one million Canadians voted Green in the 2008 federal election. More than 1 in 10 Canadians are now saying they plan to vote Green.

Green directions point to more jobs, more time with family, and a livable world, now and for our children and their children.

We will strive to support a society where the pressure to make a living does not crowd out having a life; where having more does not supplant being more.

In our green vision, Canadians enjoy a higher quality of life, experiencing health and wellness, education and meaningful work, prosperity and economic success supported by ecological health.

In our vision of Canada, ability or disability, economic, racial, or cultural backgrounds do not preclude individuals from contributing to and benefiting from a prosperous Canada.

Canadian communities – urban and rural – thrive in our green vision, including communities dependent on fisheries, forestry and agriculture.

Canada plays a positive role in the world, working cooperatively with governments, North and South, to ensure equity, global peace and security.

“We are entering an era of consequences.”

Sir Winston Churchill

In her last book, Dark Age Ahead, Canadian urban planner and legendary author Jane Jacobs wrote that five pillars of our civilization and culture are under assault. She wrote that government policies have been contributing to the “ominous signs of decay” eroding family, community and education. She warned that family, community and higher education, as well as the practice of science and proper taxation were “in the process of becoming irrelevant, and so are dangerously close to the brink of lost memory and cultural uselessness.”

We feel this in our bones. Yet, what political party is addressing the threat?

Real policies in the real world can lead us to a better future. Poor policies, badly conceived, imperfectly imagined and poorly implemented, could leave our children and their children in an unlivable world. The Green Party believes improvement can be made immediately while recognizing that long-term planning is essential if generations to come are to benefit.

This is the Green Plan for Canada. These are the steps we will take when we form government. These are the policies we will advance to other parties until that time. We will work collaboratively in the House of Commons to shift priorities, to promote those innovative ideas whose time has come.

“Nothing else in the world… not all the armies… is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo

We start with a vision of the society we want.

  • Does it advance the common good?
  • Does it advance global peace and security?
  • Does it address the needs of children?
  • Does it ensure Canada’s continued quality of life and economic health?
  • Does it make families more secure?
  • Does it protect, enhance and restore the life support systems of the planet?
  • Does it promote systems − cultural, institutional, and technological − that are resilient and capable of adapting to shocks in a more unpredictable world?

The Green Government will jettison the baggage of currently stagnant political thinking. The Greens will leave the old-line parties to fight for turf at the cutting edge of the status quo.

We have a vision. With your vote and your help, we can make it real.

“Without vision, the people perish.”

Proverbs, Hebrew Testament

What kind of Canada do we want in 2020? How do we get there from here?

The Green Party holds a positive vision of Canada, now and into the future.

Comments and discussion are welcomed.  I am examining this as I go to gain a better grasp of their platform and invite all who are interested to do the same with comments and discussion.


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