Tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stop muzzling scientists

Here is a new petition to sign and share:
Prime Minister Harper’s government continues to put onerous restrictions on scientists sharing their findings, even on subjects important to crucial policy discussions.
Please sign the petition today! Harper: Stop Muzzling Scientists!

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Dear Eldy,

Supposedly, there’s free speech in Canada. But that hasn’t stopped the government from censoring scientists’ research when they don’t like the results.

Her is another petition to sign and share:

Tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stop muzzling scientists.

In a new 133-page report, scientists from the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre outlined the systemic stifling of scientific research by the government. This is the latest in a line of complaints that scientific journals and researchers have alleged for years: government-funded researchers must jump through all sorts of hoops into order to share their findings.

Canada faces all sorts of serious issues environmental issues, from oil sands development to climate change. The public needs to be as informed as possible to be able to hold their leaders and their decisions accountable. But that’s not possible as long as Harper’s government requires scientists to obtain permission from PR officials before talking publicly about their research.

Demand Harper stop the censorship and allow scientists share all their findings at their will.

care2 Thank you for taking action,Emily V.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Today’s “stone” and NaPoWriMo poem:  Day 98

Patches on the garden beds

are thawed.

Strawberries and rhubarb too

are green.

Fresh air holds the promise true

of spring.


3 thoughts

  1. What kind of sickness has grown on the politicians of this age? I swear, I don’t feel like I can believe a one of them! Thanks for the update — I signed the petition.

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