Time to Speak Up for BC’s Species at Risk!: part 2

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post regarding the 40-page document, called PROTECTING VULNERABLE SPECIES: A DRAFT FIVE-YEAR PLAN FOR SPECIES AT RISK IN BRITISH COLUMBIA, that the BC government has designed to give the illusion of actually doing something good.  I downloaded and took the time to read through the entire document…I am not impressed.  I went further to download and carefully read the  JOINT REPORT PRODUCED IN 2008 BY THE WILDERNESS COMMITTEE, ECOJUSTICE AND OTHER ALLIES.  The following, which is just a tiny excerpt from the joint report, makes far more sense and would result in valuable action on behalf of the species at risk:

Fundamental Components of a New Law
As set out in the report Rich Wildlife, Poor Protection, a strong law to protect and
recover BC’s species and ecosystems must do the following:
• Enshrine the principle that healthy ecosystems are essential to healthy human
societies and economies;
• Recognize that biodiversity is essential to healthy ecosystems;
• Identify, protect and recover at-risk biodiversity across British Columbia;47
• Protect and recover biodiversity by protecting habitat;
• Identify, assess and develop recovery strategies for at-risk biodiversity on the
basis of sound science;
• Incorporate global warming into policy, planning and management;
• Enshrine the precautionary principle, the principle of inter-generational equity,
and the polluter-pays principle;
• Require citizen and community participation, and require meaningful consultation
with First Nations governments;
• Require accountability and transparency; and
• Be funded and enforced.

The entire Joint Report is a valuable and executable plan that is based on science-backed data.  Had the government taken this valuable tool and developed an enforceable law…..THAT would have been a far better use of tax payers $ than their fancy-pants-say-a-lot-but-do-nothing brochure.

The JOINT REPORT PRODUCED IN 2008 BY THE WILDERNESS COMMITTEE, ECOJUSTICE AND OTHER ALLIES. is worthwhile for every Canadian to take the time to download and read.  I strongly suggest it as a must-read so as to get our heads out of the misty pre-election rhetoric that the BC government is passing off as a “plan”.  Stand up and have your say too…I did.  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE GOVERNMENT’S ONLINE COMMENT FORM.  I would go even further to remind any potential incoming change in government party that we in BC are on to the bull**** and will not fall for it any more. It’s time to get it right!!

Today’s “stone” is Day 88  another day in paradise, sunshine, and the promise of more tomorrow



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