Urge the government of Ontario to reinstate coverage of annual pap smears.

This important petition alert came to my email to share:

Dear Eldy,

Since she was young, Tatiana, a Care2 member, experienced irregular pap smears. She had to keep a careful watch and get checked on a regular basis to make sure she stayed healthy. “If I didn’t keep checking myself on a regular basis… I am not exactly sure what position I would be in right now,” she told us.

Knowing how important these tests are, she was appalled to hear that Ontario stopped covering the yearly exam. So she started a petition asking the province to reinstate pap smear coverage.

Tatiana explained that often pap smears are unpleasant and difficult to get. “It’s hard enough to motivate yourself to get a pap. To be charged for it or advised that it’s not necessary every year or for a certain age is just a lazy way to cut costs and it’s not fair to the women who get them.”

With more and more women becoming sexually active at a younger age, it’s crucial that they get access to the most basic sexual health tests. Sexually transmitted infections and cervical cancer-related issues affect all women.

Safe sexual health is a right. Stand with Tatiana and urge the government of Ontario to reinstate coverage of annual pap smears.

care2 Thank you for taking action,

Emily V.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

This is something that warrants attention.  As a survivor of cervical cancer, I think that I would not still be on this amazing planet had I not gotten yearly pap smears which detected an anomaly which turned out to be cancer.  Back in that time my financial situation would most definitely prevented me from taking that preventative step.  Snap out of it Ontario…and any other province foolish enough to follow…cancer is a way more expensive ailment to treat than preventing it in the first place.  I went to the site and signed the petition.

Today’s “stone” is  Day82  brilliant sunshine,-10 degrees C, brrrrrrr


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