Share Your World

Share Your World is a way to get to know each other that Cee has going on her blog.  She posts weekly questions for all who wish to participate. This week’s questions and my responses are:

When anniversary’s of unhappy times pop up, how do you handle them and what makes you turn your mood (attitude) around?  I make a conscious effort to live in the moment now, I meditate daily to reinforce this.

Are you a cat, dog, goat or prefer the zoo person?  I am a dog person first, a cat person next and a horse person after that.  I don’t have horses in my life right now but for a while there when I worked with them I could not get enough of them.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?  My body reminds me every day that I am not a youngster any more. However my mind has other ideas on the matter.  It still seems to be somewhere in my 20’s.

Are you left or right-handed?  I am not ambidextrous but I do a lot of things with either hand.  Some things better with my left, but more things better with my right.  I think it was my upbringing with a left-handed mother who was forced to write with her right hand in those way back less tolerant days.  Either that or I am just very confused.  When my creativity wanes I do sketches or just little things around the house with my left hand to reawaken my less creative side of the brain.  It seems to work and relaxes me too.

Today’s “stone” is Day 80  trip into town, trees whizz by, eagles soar, ahah 3 deer by the road


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