Basic toolkit to live ethically

I have gleaned this from the book “Beyond Religion” by the Dalai Lama :

Heedfulness—the sense of being careful and attentive, adopting an overall stance of caution.
Mindfulness–gaining awareness of our own patterns of behaviour, including thoughts and feelings and learning to let go of those habits, thoughts and emotions which are unhelpful.  Effective in stress reduction and the treatment of depression.  The ability to gather oneself mentally and thereby recall one’s core values and motivation. Bring presence of mind into everyday activities.
Introspective Awareness—paying attention to our own behaviour. Be honestly observant of our words and actionism to guard ourselves against doing and saying things we will later regret and enable us to remain true to our deeper motives and convictions.

Indirect harm to others through use of technologies that pollute is one way that we harm others indirectly through our actions without an intention of doing so. Realistically, the most important thing we can all do to minimize the harm we inflict in our everyday lives is to apply discernment in our behaviour, and to follow that natural sense of conscientiousness which arises from the enhanced awareness that discernment brings us.

The Dalai Lama in this book discusses his theory of secular ethics.  It is a good common sense read which opens ones mind to look carefully  at how we live, think, and speak which indeed has such a powerful impact on the interconnected world around us.  I think that more people from all walks of life, from the most powerful  and most skeptical to the young and fresh minded should take the time to read this worthwhile book.  I personally am in the process of re-reading it and find my self rapt in its sensibility all over again.

Today’s “stone” is Day 78  bursting, gusting, blustering winds evaporating snow and ice, brrrrr, chills to the core


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