Why a helmet for riding a snowmobile is important

IMGP8929First of all let me start by saying I am okay!  Sore but okay.  We went out for one last (for real this time) trip to Snag Lake.  Mike was going what he now realizes was way to fast.  We hit a rough patch of hardened ice lumps on the trail right at the entrance to the site.  The machine lurched first one way and then the other.  I went flying off the side and skidded on my face.  It was touch and go whether I was “Hurt” or just “hurt”.  I think there was a bit of shock involved but I managed to walk it off, laid down on the ice for a while and then felt like I could go on for a little fishing.  We did not stay long…about 2 hours…and as soon as I (this is all about me, me, me) caught a nice 2 1/2 pound Brook Trout we headed home.

We do have excellent helmets with visors sitting in the shop but neglected to wear them both last year and this.  So everybody else…don’t be so stooooopid as me!


4 thoughts

  1. Oh, eldy, I am so sorry to hear of your ejection from the snowmobile — I remember the one time that happened to me — the driver continued on for a quarter-mile before he realized I wasn’t behind him. OUch in a lot of little ways. I don’t ever like sounding like a Mother Hen, but those helments are important. The world wouyld certainly mourn your loss, if you cracked your head on a rock or something. I’m sorry the season is over, but it sounded like a good one this year. Next, gardens!!!

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