Swimming in stars

We got up at 3:30 am to head out to Snag Lake for on last shot at fishing for Eastern Brook Trout that are stocked there.  These delicious fish are very difficult to catch at this time of year due to the hatch of natural shrimp in the lake.  The weather is getting ridiculously warm; we thought we could at least enjoy on more snowmobile ride out there even if the fish were still too elusive.

On the way there, we noticed that someone had tried to drive a truck in through the last 11 km.  They only got about 2 km in then there was an awful chewed up mess of snow so they must have at that point decided to cut their losses and back up…there is no turn around room at all.  It was still pitch black out, with the sky as clear as could be.  And, the most enchanting mass of millions of stars right there for us to enjoy.

Before we were set up, I laid on my back in the snow and let myself swim in that inky starlit magic.  It was almost dizzying to gaze up into what appeared to be a huge black bowl sprinkled madly with diamonds.  My gosh I feel so lucky to have witnessed such beauty.

The end result of the trip was 1 Brook Trout caught for supper, and 3 botched opportunities to catch more.  It is no matter though as long as we catch one for supper we are happy.  The starry night sky was almost gift enough from Mother Earth anyway.

Today’s “stone”  is Day 72  deep dark inky black, spits and splashes of brilliance, wrapping our earth in beauty, thank you


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