The ice is still good on Bobbs Lake

We took a run up to Bobb’s Lake today.  The ice is still good…it was -10C. last night.  There is a hard pack of snow for about 5 inches, then a frozen pack of slush from before followed by a good 6 to 8 inches of good ice.  We ran the snow mobile out and tried a couple of different spots with our minds and hooks set to try for Rainbow Trout.  As luck would have it the only fish that we saw in the new spots were tiny Kokanee.  We ended up moving back to the tried and true spot from last week.  There were about 15 or so people on the lake and not many were having luck.  One of the fellows that we set up close to was the only one catching…he ended up with 4 by the time we left.

We caught 2 fish, both Kokanee, about 2 pounds each…I caught the first and the biggest…Mike caught the other a few minutes later; it was almost the same size.  And that was it for the day.  We started fishing at 8:30 am and left the ice at 1:15 pm.  It was a gorgeous warm day to be out there, sunny, no wind and mild.  It would have been nice to catch more but we have supper so that’s the best part anyway.

I think we may still get a couple more times up there but that remains to be seen.  The weather forecast is for yet another pineapple express complete with rain.  I groom 2 dogs tomorrow  then on Wednesday we plan another trip to Snag Lake for Brook Trout.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 70  sunshine, smiles, warm and melty, eagles on the wing, chortling


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