A Long Day on the Lake

Today’s ice-fishing excursion proved to be an endurance contest…fishes versus humans.  There had to be at least 20 other people on the ice at one point today.  Some one must have spilled the beans and mentioned that Bobb’s Lake was the hot spot for fishing.  The funny thing is that although the days and weeks leading up to today have indeed been very productive…today that was not the case.  The few fish that were making the rounds were not biting.  I think their natural diet at this time of year which is tiny shrimp and blood worms is just too prolific and the little darlings are stuffed.

We managed to catch 2 each in the first 3 hours but we were determined to wait out the “hungry run” which we hoped would arrive at any moment.  Well “any moment” turned into 3 more hours with only 3 more fish caught by Mike.  At that point the goal was for me to catch at least 1 more.  I had lost 3 in the interim just as I got them to the hole to pull them out so I was getting very determined (stubborn).  As it turned out we had to give in at 3:30 pm (we had arrived at 7:30 am) when I finally caught another fish…at last…and bonus to that I got 1 more right away.  We came home sore and stiff from hunkering over our fishing rods all day but with 9 fish total.

We operate on the theory that if we have the dogs along, which we did, we don’t have to stop until we catch our limit…or in this particular case until our bodies give out!  What a lot of fun though…I think we’ll make a trip to Snag Lake one more time this winter too…if we can recover from this long drawn out day of fishing.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 66  ice and snow, here fishy, fishy, fishy


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