Today’s ice-fishing was NOT a bust

We made the short jaunt up to Bobbs Lake for some Kokanee ice-fishing.  The weather has been from minus 7 to minus 10 degrees C. overnight so there has been a great improvement on the quality of the ice surface.  We packed up bones and treats for the dogs, as well as a nice comfy bed for them and used the snowmobile to get everything out to the middle of the lake.  The dogs just trotted along beside the snowmobile barking with joy all the way.  The day started out sunny and crisp but we did not get to the plumb spot before two other fishermen so we set up about 40 feet away.  We fished there from about 8 am to 1 pm but only managed to get 4 fish…me 1 and Mike 3.  We were all packed up to go home at that point when I wandered over to chat with our neighbour who had set up right beside the other guys who were by then limited and long gone.  Joe was packing to leave with his limit too and suggested that we should stick around and fish right there.  It was the hot spot for the day.

So of course because we had the dogs along and no real reason to dash off home we unpacked at that spot and proceeded to catch the rest of our limit.  At the end of the day…3:30 pm Mike had caught his final 2 and I caught my final 4.  It really was the hot spot.  What a difference 40 feet makes!  There were easily 5 times more fish passing by there and when I changed the type of flasher that I was using…I caught fish one after another…every time the fish finder beeped and the odd time even when it did not.

The day turned blustery about half way through with such strong gusts of wind that lifted the tent almost clear off of us.  At one point the dogs rolled out the side when it lifted so fast and high.  We only had it anchored on one side…a mistake I guess.  We sat outside for a short while before re-setting up the tent even though it was snowing and blowing so we could test out the “hot spot” first.  Mike caught a good sized fish within a few minutes.  By the time we came out of the tent at 3:30 pm the weather was calm and not snowing again.

What a great way to spend a whole day…we’ll sleep like babies tonight.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 59  gifts of Mother Earth, snow, wind, and fish, what a wonderful bounty


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