Busy Day

IMGP7822I found myself just a bit more busy than I had planned today.  We have 2 Airedale Terriers (the photo of them is from this past summer) boarding with us for the past five days and seeing as they go home tomorrow I had planned to groom them both today…at least a 4 hour job.  Then, as luck would have it, I got a call to groom another dog…the request being specifically for this afternoon.  I do not like to disappoint so that turned my 4 hour day into a 6 hour day.  It is funny how things work out that way.  To be honest I do like to get it all done at once rather than stretching 3 dogs over 3 different days but man am I tired.  The up-side to this scenario is that tomorrow I have only one appointment to groom then we are headed up to Bobbs Lake for some ice-fishing.  Bobbs Lake is a short 15 minute drive up the mountainside from here and rumour has it that afternoon fishing is not half bad.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

We are planning a last shot at Snag Lake to ice-fish for Brook Trout on Wednesday too.  That one will be a long haul.  It takes about an hour and a half to get to the spot to park the truck and make the final stretch of 11 or 12 Km by snowmobile to the lake itself.  Our last attempt only landed one lonely Brookie but it was a delicious supper that night.  I hope we do better this time.  It is likely that these two ice-fishing excursions will be our last ones this winter.  The weather forecast for our area does not bode well…+9 degrees C.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 56  the most humongous snowflakes I have ever seen wafted thickly down, my face was soaked as I tried to catch one on my tongue…I’ll never be too old to try that


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