Voice your opinion on a new provincial park mine

I received this urgent alert in my email from the Wilderness Committee:

Urgent action still needed: Voice your opinion on a new provincial park mine

Hi Eldy,

We still need you to raise your voice about the first new provincial park mine in decades!

Hudbay Minerals Inc. has applied for a licence to operate the Reed Mine in Grass River Provincial Park, right in the middle of protected woodland caribou habitat. We think this is a terrible idea.

There are many reasons to oppose this mine, as listed on the letter-writing tool we’ve created on the Wilderness Committee website.

In addition to the obvious reasons why we should never consider allowing mining in a provincial park, Hudbay and the Manitoba government have not provided citizens with enough information to properly gauge the impact of this development.

I have written a letter to the Manitoba government, explaining that we are missing important expert information about this project and its impacts. I’ve requested an extension of the public comment period until after this information is presented so that Manitobans can make more informed decisions, but so far the government has not responded to this request.

Mr. Stephen Hunt of Hudbay contacted our office to assure us that this mine in Grass River Provincial Park is going to be fine. He also promised to allay our concerns about the environmental impacts. We sent Hudbay a letter asking the company to explain the missing elements from the proposed mine application, and we’re hoping for a response from them soon. You can read our letter to Hudbay here.

I’m asking you today to stand up for Manitoba’s threatened caribou and for our precious provincial parks by speaking out against this mine. Our parks need to be protected, just like they are in other jurisdictions around the world. It’s what thousands upon thousands of Manitobans have been demanding for over a decade. And it’s what we deserve!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a video of the mess that is still left from the last mine Hudbay operated in Grass River Provincial Park, more than two decades ago.

Please use the letter-writing tool on our website to write to the Manitoba government and urge them to say “No!” to this mine.

Click here to write your letter now!

Thanks for taking action to help protect Manitoba’s parks.

For the wild,

Eric Reder | Manitoba Campaign Director
Wilderness Committee

Thank you for supporting wilderness.

The Wilderness Committee is Canada’s largest membership-based, citizen-funded wilderness preservation organization.

The following is the letter that I sent from there letter-writing page:

Jennifer Winsor

Manitoba Environmental Assessment and Licensing Branch

CC: Gord Mackintosh, Manitoba Minister of Conservation

RE: Please Say “No” to the Reed Mine Proposal!

I was born and raised in Manitoba.  I know both the cultural and environmental value of keeping park lands industry free.  In light of the past performance alone this company should not be allowed to mine within a provincial park.

Please consider these points:

•Parks need to be permanently protected to safeguard ecosystem services and wildlife habitat.

•Species like the woodland caribou—listed as “threatened” under both the federal and provincial endangered species acts—depend on undisturbed wilderness to survive.The Manitoba government first committed to protecting caribou habitat in 2000.

•The Reed Mine site is located within a key caribou migration route and right beside calving grounds on Reed Lake. The project is located in the “Naosap” range, which the Manitoba government lists as one of the three most high-risk caribou herds in the province.

•A full licence for the Reed Mine has not yet been granted, however the provincial government has quietly allowed Hudbay to begin construction of this mine—before the public comment period even began.

•Immediately banning new mining claims will demonstrate the provincial government’s commitment to park protection.

•Provincial park mining can have long-term toxic impacts. While Hudbay insists that its previous mine work in Grass River park has had minimal impact, the devastation from the company’s Spruce Point Mine Site is still plainly visible.

•The Reed Mine should NOT be approved.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my concerns on the very important issue.


I have a connection to the province of Manitoba and would sincerely like to see less damage being done the there vast and beautiful park lands.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 52  cheery sunshine, icy chill, beauty wins the day


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