Leaked: Stories from Oil Spills

Here is more on the Tar Sands Debacle from Forest Ethics Advocacy:

Dear Eldy,

Four women, four powerful voices, four different places. Leaked: Stories from Oil Spills was a night of compelling stories of oil disaster that we hope are never duplicated. A packed hall and 60 on-line viewers listened to these powerful stories from Michigan, Alberta, and B.C. Each woman told captivating accounts about the stress, emotions, and enduring realities of living through an oil disaster.

If you missed Leaked, you can watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

The same day these women shared their stories, conflicting ones were being told at the Vancouver Board of Trade’s event: The Oil Sands Story.

While the Leaked event showed the citizen perspective on the realities of an oil disaster, the President of Kinder Morgan pipelines and the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association tried to convince attendees of the Board of Trade event that oil spills were easy to clean up. They stated that the industry clean up record is a 95% success rate; not the well-documented 15% success rate.

But we weren’t about to let that slide. Tar Sands Campaign Director, Ben West, was there to ensure the facts were set straight. Organizer, Jolan Bailey, poured oil (molasses) over his head and invited delegates to hear about the true risks of oil spills that would be told that evening at Leaked.

Catch a summary and clip of these events on this Global TV news.

Our fight against the expansion of tar sands is ramping up with greater momentum and opposition to tar sands pipelines.
Thanks to all of you who joined us or supported January’s events, and stay tuned because we’re going to need your help throughout the next few months!


Nikki Skuce
Senior Energy Campaigner, ForestEthics Advocacy

In attempting to mask the truth, Kinder Morgan have raised further contempt and alarm.  Kudos to the brave folks who stood up and had their say!

Today’s “stone” is  Day 48  the wind and mild temperatures are shrinking the snow, a daily melt


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