Ecojustice is ready to lead the fight

I received this email full of excellent and informative links from Ecojustice to share:

Dear Eldy,Welcome to the Ecojustice online community! We are pleased to bring you breaking news from the frontlines, legal updates and campaign briefs. Thank you for joining us in our fight to protect and restore Canada’s environment.

As lawyers and scientists who promote the protection and restoration of the Canadian environment, our services are free of charge to citizens and community groups which helps facilitate equitable access to environmental justice nationwide.

We believe in leading the way, not maintaining the status quo. We lead in four priority areas:

Clean water
Our leading testimony after the tragedy in Walkerton, ON and our groundbreaking drinking water report cards have helped us identify key threats to Canada’s precious fresh water supply. Guiding the way to better water protection nationwide, our work continues to help modernize Canada’s Water Act. More on Clean Water »

Natural spaces
We are national leaders in the fight for legal protection of at-risk species. We helped shepherd Canada’s Species at Risk Act (SARA) into law and paved the way to stronger protection with our precedent-setting lawsuits for endangered species including the greater sage-grouse, killer whale and Nooksack dace. We are also actively involved in the fight for woodland caribou protection. These continued efforts bolster SARA’s strength and scope. More on Natural Spaces »

Healthy communities
Our 2001 Supreme Court victory was a major boost to the campaign for a ban on cosmetic pesticide use and kicked off a national movement beginning in the town of Hudson, QC. Bans have since been established in 156 municipalities and in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Our work toward a national ban continues. More on Healthy Communities »

Climate Protection
The Alberta tar sands have been linked to a plethora of environmental crises. Most specifically – global warming. We have recently established our presence in Calgary, AB and now, Ecojustice is ready to lead the fight against the unrestrained expansion of the world’s most destructive oil extraction process More on Climate Protection »

Thanks to the vision and dedication of people like you, we continue to uphold and win Canadian legal precedents for the long-term protection of our natural world. Your involvement is our most powerful asset and we are honoured to have you join us.

Devon Page
Ecojustice Executive Director

Devon Page
Ecojustice Executive DirectorTell A Friend


Ecojustice’s annual Victories Report highlights our most important wins of the year. Read all about them here »

Victories 2011 cover

The links to articles on their website are a very interesting read.  I hope all have a chance to check them out.

Today’s “stone”  is  Day 46  glowing sunrise, dazzling view, mountain vistas never disappoint


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