Gratitude Saturday

Gratitude Saturday is a wonderful challenge from Judith that I am delighted to participate in.  Here is my list for today:

  • I am so grateful for the natural phenomena of winter.  Although it is a fairly monochromatic time of year with the great fluffy blanket of snow shrouding the land, it is a crisp, clean and refreshing change.  In this region, far from the city traffic, our roadsides do not take on the dingy pall of grit and the trees are laden on a regular basis with either fresh snow or frosty rime. I love it.
  • I am grateful for the abundance of wildlife that abounds in our area even during the deep freeze of winter.  We have many species of birds that stay all year round, the squirrels still scamper about on the milder days, deer wander by often on the way to their favourite browsing spot and there is evidence of fox, cougars and wolves going about their daily business.
  • I am grateful for the fun, adventure and sheer excitement of ice fishing.  It combines a sense of self-sufficiency and meaningful communication with nature that I have not known until moving up into this region.

Today’s “stone”  is  Day 26  buttery snow, slick ice, glistening brilliance, long spiky icicles


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