A great day for a good read

I have had 4 days in a row of dog grooming 2 and 3 dogs a day.  That’s not a lot for a business or a job but one must recall this is a hobby so thank goodness that I am free of dog grooming today…before it starts to feel too much like that 4 letter word…”work”.  I am not dog-less mind you.  In addition to our own 2 we have 2 dogs boarding with us…a Rotweiller and a Pitbull.  They are all getting along well with no issues but because of the breeds I feel they do require immediate supervision.

So I’m plunked on the sofa, cozy and warm with my books to read and my computer within reach to keep me amused.  Most importantly I am in the same space as the dogs to prevent problems.  It is kind of nice to have a break once in a while to head outside with the pack to keep track of their activities too.  Our boys have done well with the young Pitbull in the past and also with the Rotti in the past.  The new mix is the Rotti and the Pitbull.   So far so good any way.

I found a website from a breeder not all that far from here that breeds Miniature Poodles.  They are planning two litters for the spring so I am now on the waiting list.  We will be getting a male either brown or red.  I am excited about that… I miss having a little guy around since Rexy passed last spring.  Spring is a great time of year to get a new puppy house trained and the big boys can teach him all about the wonders of chasing squirrels.

Now back to reading:  David Suzuki’s “Everything Under the Sun”

Today’s “stone”  is Day 22  light bright sky, mildly cold, crisp clear air, snowy brilliance, hot puppy breath on my toes


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