Back to the Future

Today is officially our final day of television viewing…we gave our 30 day notice to discontinue satellite TV and this is it !  We haven’t made any attempt to wean ourselves off of this somewhat addictive technological menace so it will be “cold turkey”.  There is no alternative service way out here…no cable and of course the wild and free TV waves of the past are no longer out there.  We have simply reached the end of patience with a system that only works sometimes and cuts out randomly regardless of what we are watching.  It was my suggestion that we really do not need the aggravation.

There are many other things to do rather that plugging mindlessly into the TV every evening.  For the most part I usually draw while the TV is one any way.  We can get the news headlines, weather report and other pertinent information on the internet.  So why not live in the real world instead of being bombarded with fictional shows and idiotic commercials for stuff that in all honesty no one needs.  I will not have difficulty with the transition….I am not too sure about my husband.

There are books to be read, art projects to work on, plans to be considered and if we get to bed earlier out of boredom…we’ll be able to get up earlier to head out for fishing!  I quite frankly am rather hyped on the change.  I feel like we are taking a step back into a less intrusively commercial era where our lives will be ours not a reflection of some one else’s idea of what our lives should be.

I should probably make a trip into the library so as to be well armed with adequate reading material…especially to start off with anyway.

Hey, I just thought of something…we’ll use less electricity as a bonus to saving $100 a month that Shaw Direct was charging us for their annoying service.  I’m going to make sure I squirrel that money away in savings toward something special for us later.  I can be very determined about that sort of thing.

The trip back to a less commercial time will give us a step forward in the future…maybe a trip or a new “who knows what” to enhance our celebration of life in the woods.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 21  silence broken only by the sounds of nature, chirping birds, sighing pines, snow wafting gently down, the muffled snuff snuff of dog noses in powdery snow


8 thoughts

  1. Good for you! I could do without the tv too, but my husband would totally go into DT’s and I don’t want to go through that. He listens through earplugs so that I don’t have to be distracted. 🙂

    • It will be interesting to see how well or not we manage with this. I’ll have to do a follow up post in a month maybe. The ear plugs are a great idea.

  2. Keep us posted on how it’s going. For years, I was addicted to tv. Since retirement, I have found so many other things to occupy my time. Though, my husband may never move from his favorite easy chair and big screen tv. Wish our cable was dysfunctional. No such luck.

    • I really was starting to feel like a zombie in front of the TV. This should be a boost to creativity. And, you are so right there are many other things to do.

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