A CPAWS update

I got an email from CPAWS-BC with the following future plans for 2013 to share:

In 2013, CPAWS-BC is now able to:

  1. Launch a widespread campaign to increase provincial park funding. BC has the largest park system in North America, but what good is it if BC Parks doesn’t have the funding it needs to maintain the ecological integrity within the parks? Your donations will help us bring this critical issue into the public eye, where it can no longer be overlooked!

  2. Put the South Okanagan-Similkameen National Park on the map before year end. It’s been a long battle, but we’re nearly there! We’re continuing to build overwhelming public support for the national park, which includes business and tourism leaders, that will lead the provincial government to move forward with the park.

  3. Add the Scott Islands and the Hecate Strait Glass Sponge Reefs to Canada’s network of Marine Protected Areas. We will be pushing forward with the final legal designation of these two marine protected areas to safeguard these ecological treasures in northern BC waters.

This is great news and will certainly be a move in the right direction to improve the environment.  What a dedicated organization working on behalf of the planet Earth.

Today’s “stone”  is  Day 18  great billowing clouds across the lake, ice fog lingering low on the mountainside, earthy mystique


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