Bobbs Lake: good ice at last

There is no two ways about it Bobbs Lake is our favourite ice fishing lake…it is so close and the kokanee fishing is so good.  The fact that the snowmobile is in the shop getting repaired with today being the second day of delays and run-arounds is no big deal…we still have Bobbs.  We drove the truck up to the top of the mountain, dragged our supply laden sleds across the lake to a great spot and got right to it.

The sun was brilliant and amazingly warm on the tent…so much so that we did not need to use the heater at all.  At first, because we did not get up there until 9:30 am there did not seem to be much action.  But a few hungry schools of kokanee did make it to our spot to get caught.  I caught 3 Kokanee and Mike caught 1 Kokanee and 1 Rainbow.  It was not a big limit out day but a great time was had.

I am sure glad that the treadmill has gotten my legs into shape for the trek across the snowy ice trails though.  I was still huffing and puffing along.  I can’t help but feel pressure this week to get as many days in fishing as possible.  For the next week and a half I’ll be tied up with boarding dogs and grooming appointments so I simply must get my fill.

Right now as the sun is just going down the sky and wispy clouds are afire with colour; the snow is pinkish too.  We still cannot get the snow mobile back until tomorrow…maybe…so we’ll likely make the trek across Bobbs again in the morning.  Am I obsessed?…maybe…just want to hang up a sign: GONE FISHIN’

Today’s “stone”  Day 15  brilliant sun, diamond in the snow, crisp, clear, glorious


3 thoughts

  1. Your fishing experiences are so different than what we have down here on the Chesapeake. To start with, there’s very few people who would go on the water In Winter, even on a calm day! Now, how do you prepare Kokanee, and what does it taste like?

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