An inside out day

It was one of those days…it started out planned and adventurous and ended up quite inside out.  We planned a snowmobile excursion to Greenlee Lake which is about 10 or so km from our place.  We can get there completely by snowmobile and it is a beautiful ride through a rugged and slightly overgrown trail.  With the large amount of snowfall this year we were excited to go, plus, the lake is open for ice fishing which just adds to the appeal of it.  We were both looking forward to a juicy Rainbow Trout for dinner.

Well me managed to get about 1 km away from home when there was a peculiar clunk and the belt on the machine seemed to be slipping.  Mike confidently got out the spare belt and proceeded to remove the necessary parts to replace the belt.  The fellow at the shop had showed him what to do when we bought the snowmobile.  It seemed a little too soon for the belt to be worn but he went ahead with the procedure.  The moment he removed the nut that held the wheel in place the entire clutch assembly blew apart with a  mightysproing.  So there we were, quite luckily right at the roadside with a disabled snowmobile.  I stayed with the machine while Mike hiked on home for the truck but the winch device to drag it up onto the truck bed broke when he tried to haul the machine up the ramp (one of those days).  Finally, after 2 hours, he tied a rope to the machine, attached it to the hitch on the truck and towed it home behind the truck with me perched nervously on it to steer.

So much for ice fishing today.  Mike borrowed the neighbour’s “come-along” to get the machine onto the truck and headed into town for repairs.  I decided to redirect my energy towards grooming our two Standard Poodles.  The snowmobile’s clutch assembly needs to be rebuilt…the shop guy says it must be a factory defect for 8 of the 12 bolts to fly off the way it did.  Tomorrow we should be able to get it back…maybe on Wednesday we’ll try Greenlee Lake trail again.   As for dinner…tofu curry and rice…not quite what we intended but good none the less.  And, the dogs look great.

Today’s “stone” is Day 14  amazing sunset, blazing crimson, deep purples, glowing embers across the sky


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