Deep freeze, where are you?

I am a believer when it comes to global warming.  Although the detractors prefer to insist that the changes that we are seeing in the world’s climate is merely business as usual.  The extraordinary heat, drought, wildfires and suffering that are occurring around the world are the most obvious symptoms of a planet under stress.

Here on a local level it is less alarming but still unusual to say the least that in mid-January the lowest temperature we have seen so far this winter is -12C.  And, that has not even been a consistent low temperature.  The range that has been more consistent is between 0C and -5C which is balmy for this part of the Cariboo region in BC.

The temperature this morning was finally -12C…a step in the right direction.  Yesterday a couple of our friends (somewhat foolishly) drove their snowmobiles around and across Ruth Lake to check on the progress of the ice.  Now, both of these fellows have has “falling in” experiences in the past so it surprised me that they did so.  Well, they scared themselves a bit for sure.  They stopped here and there to drill a hole to check the thickness.  Some parts were pretty okay…about 5 inches…not great in my book.  Their last drill found them with only 1 and 1/2  inches beneath them.  That’s scary; it is just blind luck that it held these two large men and their snomos.

The ice is just not freezing the same as it used to because of these warmer temperatures.  That aside, we went to Snag Lake which is more north and higher to discover -21C with no wind.  That is more like it but darn cold.  Just three fish for our efforts but what a great bright sun-shining day.

Today’s “stone” is Day 11  bright, brilliant, glistening sun, frost-bitten toes and nose, loving every minute of it


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