Fishy, fishy, fishy

It just gets curiouser and curiouser…what is up with the fish.  Sometimes they just don’t get the memo I guess.  We went back to sunken island on Snag Lake today with high hopes of a repeat performance.  Nada, nix, nil, none!  We waited untill 9:45 am with no fish sightings at all.  So we moved over to the far shoreline where a friend of ours had some luck before.

The water there was only about 7 or so feet deep, very clear and with no weeds.  The up side of this change of venue was the simple fact that there were actually some fish to amuse ourselves with.  I managed to catch a 2 pounder and a 3 pounder right away; one right after the other.  Then the challenge began.

Approximately every 15 minutes one or two would swim into range but the trick was to entice them to bite.  These were not “hungry” like the first two had been.  They would cruise by slowly, bump the bait and slowly cruise off.  I did lose a couple that took the bait but when I jerked up to set the hook they’d shake their head, open their mouth and get away.  It was good excitement though as those two that got away were big guys…ooooooh maybe next time.

Mike had a couple of getaways too, but no luck at all.  We ended up coming home with just the two that I caught…supper delight and a fun day fishing to think about.  There was only the four of us that drove together there on the lake.  I think other fishermen are discouraged by the difficulty and small catches…but not us.  We will go again on Friday.

There could be another reason for the small number of people fishing.  The conservation officers have been out repeatedly over the past couple of weeks.  Apparently they caught quite a few people breaking the law of fish limits etc so there were some hefty fines levied and some licences revoked.  To this I say GOOD…we were checked a week ago but we adhere to the laws so no worries.  Everyone should respect the conservation laws…all of them…we all want to be able to fish for years to come.  So no cheating!

Today’s “stone” is Day 9  shimmering, glinting, dashing, darting, alive and swimming, fishies


4 thoughts

  1. What a lovely day for you — I’ll bet it was gorgeous out there, too! Great that you got enough to clean and cook, and as you said, the bigger ones will wait. Who knows? This might turn out to be your own private ice fishing lake, if others are so afraid they’ll be caught with overcatch. Obey the law and they wouldn’t have to worry! Good for you!

  2. Glad you had a great day on the lake to share with us, even if you didn’t catch a very big dinner! And glad the officers are keeping a watch. I am not a big-law fan, but Sadly, too many people have been abusing the environment. ( here around the Chesapeake, too)

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