Just another day on the lake

We opted for Snag Lake again today after last weeks soggy ice fishing adventure on the somewhat dubious ice of Bobb’s Lake.  Our weather so far this winter is not very cold at all.  It seems to be hovering around -5C. to -10C.   This does freeze us some ice on the local lakes but the heavy blanket of snow is insulating the water from freezing deeply.  Snag Lake is farther north and is also at a higher elevation so the ice is a good 10 to 12 inches thick except in the very center where things are still mushy here and there.

Today’s drive took about a half an hour longer than usual due to a fallen tree across the road.  We wrapped a sturdy rope around the more narrow top end and pulled it back and off the road with the truck.  Undaunted, we continued on our way thinking that having our chain saw along in the future would be a good idea.

When we arrived we could see only a few feet ahead of us across the lake; it was snowing thick heavy flakes in a steady stiff wind.  Both dogs waited patiently yet earnestly for the tent and cushions to be in place.  Poodles are not the best suited to winter even though I have kept their hair about 3 inches long in hopes of keeping them a bit warmer.   We were out on the ice a set up by 8 am with the first fish caught by 8:30.

It was my turn to shine today…5 fish caught by me, 2 of which were over 3 pounds…whoohooo!!  Mikey caught 3 in all so were short out limit by 2 but it was still a great day of fishing.  There were more fish around today than the last time on Snag.  However, we did change our strategy this time.  I used a plain line without any flasher at all…just a hook with a piece of shrimp for bait.  I am thinking perhaps my impatience caused me to spook the fish away last time by moving the flasher at just the wrong moment.  So getting rid of the flasher solved that problem for me.

What a glorious gift this winter wonderland is…and…the big plus is fresh Brook Trout for supper!

Today’s “stone” is  Day 7   trees frosted with rime, bowing graciously beneath snowy pearls, shroud of ice fog hanging low


2 thoughts

  1. Well I’m glad you had a nice day ice fishing on Snag Lake for Brook Trout but I would suggest reading up on the fishing regulations before you go. Snag Lake in Region 5 – 1 is closed to ice fishing, has a bait ban on it as well as the limit is only one fish per day.

    • We sure did have a great time. This is not the Snag Lake that is closed to ice-fishing however. In fact the Conservation Officers do a regular check to make sure that the limit of 5 brook trout at this particular Snag Lake is not exceeded. They dropped by our tent this past season so we know that for a fact. The Snag Lake you are referring to is further north. I thought it might be north of Quesnel whereas our Snag Lake is just 36 km from 100 Mile House. But on further investigation and confirmation from our local long-time fishers our Snag Lake is in Region 5-2. The one you refer to is not even on any map that we can find…it is referred to as “untitled” and close to West King Lake which I also cannot find on any map so far. Thanks for reading.

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