Ice Fishing on Bobbs Lake

IMGP7436 rrThis lake is just a half hour of travel from our house so there was no need to rise at the crack of dawn.  After breakfast we set out for a day of ice fishing for Kokanee and Rainbow Trout on Bobbs Lake.  This was our second trip up the mountain through the Reservation to this delightful stocked lake.  We have been leaving the truck at the base and using the snowmobile to go the final 5 km up.  The road is cleared of snow and quite good for driving but we like the ride.

On our previous trip out onto the lake about 2 weeks ago there were still many wet spots that were not safe enough but the perimeter of the lake offered good solid ice.  The weather has not been cold enough yet and there is such a thick blanket of snow insulating the lake that it has not frozen solid in the center…plus there are several springs that bubble up here and there.

The ice was a bit better but still not great this time so we still could not get to our favourite spot.  Still we did come home with 4 fish…all kokanees…I only caught one of these and Mikey caught the rest.  Our neighbour was also up there and only managed to get one.  It was still a fun day, watching the fish go by, turn and show at least some interest but all in all they really were not “biting”.  I used a small red hook with 2 black eyes, a ruby-eye flasher and maggots for bait.  It usually works just fine…

The next few days I will be tied up with dogs to groom and one little min-pin for daycare so I’ll take any kind of fishing while I have the time to get out there.  February will be even less available for fishing…lots of people are heading somewhere warm in February and we board the dogs…so I’ve got to get my fill while the getting’s good.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 4  giant fluffy snowflakes, wafting lazily, faint frosty taste, caught eagerly on my tongue



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