Happy Fishing Birthday

Happy Birthday to my wonderful  Mikey!  We set off at 5:30am for his requested “fishy birthday” to our favourite Brook Trout stocked lake…Snag Lake.  It is about a 2 hour drive and set-up time so we were ready to drop baited hooks just as daylight crept over the treetops.  There were only two other people fishing today…a surprise except that not everyone is retired like us.

I stuck to my old standard of a ruby-eye flasher, #3 hook and shrimp for bait.  Mike on the other hand kept trying out new and different lures, hooks and even flies with shrimp, less shrimp and corn for bait.  Sadly Mikey got skunked on his birthday whereas I caught 3 brookies…a 2 pounder, a 3 pounder and a 4 pounder.  I lost about 3 due to lack of attention and yanking just a split second too soon.

One of the other fellows that was fishing made Mikey a special green fly that he’d had luck with.  Mike had luck too…a very large fish, probably in the 6 pound range set the hook very well but sliced the line either on the edge of the ice or maybe bit it…so it swam off with his new fly and a good chunk of line.  It was spotted later with the hook and line still attached.  That would have been a good one but alas not today.

We had the dogs along…brats…they snuck and ate half the bait before we realized what they were up to.  All in all it was a pleasant outing but there were not a lot of fish sited even though we moved twice to try for a better spot.  The wind was very gusty and on occasion the force of it collapsed my side of the tent…it was about -15 C. but we were cozy in the tent with the heater on low.

There really is nothing like a day of fresh air, good company and fishing to set the mind at ease and express the joy of living!

Today’s “stone” is Day 2  bright clear moon, inky sky, crimson reflections on light billowing clouds, day breaks over the lake, crystalline blue bowl above engulfing all



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