Action Alert: Help Save Langley’s McLellan Forest

I got this action alert from Wilderness Committee; this park and trail is a wonderful little gem right in the hustle and bustle of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.  It is an important natural family recreational area well worth saving.

Hi Eldy,

Right now, people in Langley, BC are wishing for a holiday miracle.

The McLellan Park Forest—a 26-acre tract of wild, older forest located in Langley’s Glen Valley area—is at risk of being sold to developers by Langley Township’s Mayor and Council. A ten acre section of forest is the first to be sold.

The reason? The Township wishes to raise money to build a $30 million recreational complex in another region of Langley, in the community of Aldergrove.

The McLellan Park Forest is a rare unspoiled gem and it has been there for families to enjoy for generations. Unfortunately, though the forest is owned by the Township of Langley, it’s not protected by any laws that would prevent it from being sold.

A group of community members called the Watchers of Langley Forests (WOLF)has been actively working to protect this treasured area by raising awareness and by raising funds to purchase the land from the Township. But the price tag is pretty hefty, and the deadline is looming.

The Township has offered to not sell the forest if WOLF can raise $3 million…but they must have the money by December 17, which is an impossibly short deadline.

Many people are asking why they should have to buy back this forest when the public already owns it!

Luckily, the forest has a rapidly growing number of friends. Renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman is lending his support to the cause, helping raise awareness about the unique forest and its current dilemma. And a BC government biologist has also raised the alarm, advocating that the “ecologically unique” forest should be conserved instead of developed.

Click here to view the Global TV news story about the forest, and click here for a related Vancouver Sun article. This new Globe & Mail article even explains how writers have been hanging poetry in the trees as part of the effort.

I’ve been to the McLellan Park Forest myself many times—and it’s a truly beautiful place. I produced this video there recently at an exciting event organized by community members dedicated to saving the park.

There are three ways you can lend a hand to help save this beautiful wild area from being developed:

1. Attend a Township Council meeting on Monday, December 10th, 2012
If you live in the area, you can come to the Langley Township Council meeting at 7pm in the Fraser River Presentation Theatre Civic Facility (4th Floor, 20338 – 65 Avenue, Langley). WOLF will be presenting to Council on this issue, and your presence would send a strong message to Council that many in the community support the protection and conservation of this property in perpetuity.

2. Write a letter.
Even if you don’t live in Langley Township, you can still send an email to Mayor and Council asking that they not sell the property. Click here to use the letter-writing tool on our website.

3. Visit the WOLF website to learn more about the fight to save Langley’s McLellan Forest.
Visit to learn more about WOLF’s efforts, and find out how you can get involved.

Write Now! Your letter could help save Langley’s wild McLellan Forest—and help make this holiday wish come true!

For the wild,

Joe Foy | National Campaign Director
Wilderness Committee


Thank you for supporting wilderness.

The Wilderness Committee is Canada’s largest membership-based, citizen-funded wilderness preservation organization. We work for the preservation of Canadian and international wilderness through research and grassroots education. The Wilderness Committee works on the ground to achieve ecologically sustainable communities. We work only through lawful means.

Today’s “stone” is   Day 343  save a forest, take the family on a trail hike, commune with nature, right in the city, write for the city.


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