Canada has a global responsibility

This short word was in my email from David Suzuki, I just had to share this dreary and disgusting news:

Dear Eldy,

Yesterday, the government shut down debate so it could ram through bill C-45, the second omnibus budget bill of 2012. This bill removes protection from thousands of waterways – making way for faster industrial development and ignoring the voices of communities.

Last week at the international climate talks in Qatar, Canada was ranked 58th – the worst performer on climate change of any developed nation1. Only Kazakhstan, Iran and Saudi Arabia do less than Canada. It’s shocking.

We are squandering our finite, shared natural resources. We are abandoning our responsibility to the global community of nations who seek to cooperate on climate solutions.

Today’s “stone”  is  Day  342  shame on Canada, shame on Harper, what a self-centered, single-minded, tyrannical political position


3 thoughts

  1. How despicable! Same here, though. Politicians find who gave them the most money, and that person/group’s opinion is the only one that counts. C-45 is an abomination. I dread the loss of so many of Canada’s pristine wilderness, and urban obvious, rivers.

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