Some Blues in the News

IMGP8667The guys have returned from their exploratory fishing trip to Snag Lake.  They were unsure of the ice thickness so all headed out on foot pulling sleds of gear.  There is not much snow up that way as yet so the going was not too tough for this crew of retirees.  This is the blues part…I did not go along.  I don’t want to take the dogs out onto iffy ice…they do not stay in line with the rest of us but rather run willy nilly.

As it turns out there was about 5 inches of ice in most places but that is not a guarantee so I am glad to have stayed home.  Fishing was good but there were about 15 other people fishing as well.  This apparently made for some crowding from time to time around the favourite spots.

IMGP8671Mikey came home with his limit of 5 Brook Trout much to his delight.  It did take several hours of fishing, moving and fishing before he found just the right spot and began to haul them in.  This has become a very popular lake over the past few years.

The only saving grace is that later in maybe December or January the snow will get too deep on the final unplowed 13 km of road that only those with snowmobiles or airplanes will be able to make it there.  We made the trip on sno-mo last year and not even one other person was on the lake…what a delight that was.

Next week, when two of our current boarding dogs go home and the ice is thicker, I will be able to join in the fun with our own 2 dogs and just one little “carry me” type boarding dog.  That is all that we have room for in the tent.  The entire trip, including set-up, fishing and breaking camp, takes close to 9 hours so leaving the dogs at home that long is not an option.  Our 2 dogs love the excursion and settle in wonderfully with bones to chew while we fish…hopefully the little guy will be as content as them.


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