Living Democracy from the Ground Up.

Here is an interesting alert from Envirolaws matter to share:

Dear Eldy,

Earlier this year, you joined organizations representing millions of Canadians in speaking out for nature and democracy.

Strong environmental laws that safeguard our families and this vast and beautiful land are part of our shared citizenship as Canadians. Since the beginning of 2012 this environmental safety net has been under ongoing assault. As we speak, another massive omnibus ‘budget’bill that takes aim at Canada’s foundational environmental laws is before Parliament, following on drastic changes earlier this year.

Find out what is at stake: watch Living Democracy from the Ground Up, a new mini-documentary series from West Coast Environmental Law.

These reckless attacks on nature and democracy seek to shut out citizens’ voices in decisions that affect our communities, our economy, and our future, putting the interests of big oil and mining companies ahead of ordinary Canadians.

These changes affect all of us. They go to the heart of what it is to be Canadian. When it comes to decisions that affect our water, our air and our health, everyone’s voice matters. When all voices are included, we can make better long-term decisions in the common interest. That’s a core theme in the stories shared in Living Democracy from the Ground Up. Watch the series now, and take action. We will not let our voices be silenced.

Click here to watch Living Democracy from the Ground Up.


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Be part of a growing network of citizens standing up for nature and democracy. Sharing these personal stories with others is a powerful way you can broaden the conversation about how we want to live our democracy and hold our decision-makers accountable.

Will you share these videos with 10 of your friends and really get this conversation started in your community? 

Today’s “stone” is Day 333  sharing is caring, signed another petition, keeping the earth in mind always


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