Action Alert: Help Stop the Open Season on BC’s Wolves

I received the following action alert from the Wilderness Committee to share with all:

Dear Eldy,

Wolves in British Columbia are in grave danger, and they need your help now.

The BC government recently released a draft management plan for grey wolves in the province, with the stated intention of protecting livestock and some endangered wildlife populations through the increased hunting and killing of wolves.

The BC government’s plan proposes more lenient rules on “recreational” wolf hunting and even shooting down entire wolf packs from helicopters as part of “wolf management”. The plan makes no mention of wolves’ tourism or wildlife viewing value, nor does it offer any other alternatives to protect farm animals, such as improved fencing, or in the event of losses, increased compensation for farmers.

To make matters worse, recreational hunters in northern BC have launched a controversial contest with cash prizes for those who kill the biggest wolves. The contest has been decried by environmentalists and scientists alike.

Hunting is a valued tradition in Canada and has helped feed families for generations, but the idea of trophy killing wolves as a “back-door” way to control wildlife populations is a shameful practice from the past that does more harm than good and now must be ended.

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations is now asking for public comment on their new wolf management plan. That’s why I’m asking you to write now and tell the provincial government that wolves need protection too. It’s time to halt wolf kill programs and the recreational trophy hunting of wolves.

We need to act fast—the public comment period for the province’s new wolf plan ends on Wednesday, December 5th. Please click here to use our online letter-writing tool and submit your comment today!

For more information about the province’s draft plan or to submit your comment directly to the Fish and Wildlife Branch, click here to visit the Ministry’s website.

For the wild,

Joe Foy | National Campaign Director
Wilderness Committee

I’m headed over to their action page to write a letter; I believe that obliterating an entire species is not sound management.

Today’s ” stone” is Day 326  we are all interconnected…even wolves, keep the balance


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