Ruth Lake

Ruth Lake is just a few kms up the road from Hawkins Lake.  It is stocked with Rainbow Trout and Kokanee.  It is quite a large lake with several arms and a number of sunken islands.  This makes for some interesting directions from the locals on where exactly on the lake to get in your best day of fishing.

We have fished it in both summer and winter…preferring the ice-fishing experience there the best.  It really is hit and miss as to where the fish are running from day to day.  Some have their favourite spots regardless and set up to wait the fish out.  Others sit and fish for a while…get antsy and move to try a different spot.

A fish finder is a great tool to have along for this lake as even with a darkened tent the fish cannot be seen.  They tend to come in between 20 to 30 foot depth and the water is murky with a green bloom.  When the fish finder sounds at a certain depth it is easy to drop to that and jig for a catch.  It takes a lot of patience to fish this lake but there are some big ones to be caught.

On a superb fishing day one could theoretically come home with 15 fish…5 rainbow, 5 kokanee, 5 burbot.  That miracle has not happened yet for me but in a dream world of extraordinary luck…it is possible.


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