Snag Lake

Snag Lake is about a 2 hour drive north-west from where we live.  That is a long way to travel for a fishing limit of 5 fish; however, it is well worth the time and gas when it comes to Eastern Brook Trout with which it is stocked.  We don’t fish it in the summer…the water is very shallow (the deepest is 7 meters) and the fish take on an unappetizing muddy flavour with the summer heat.

When we go it is usually a carpool effort with about 5 of us crammed into the truck.  If there are more people than that we split it between 2 vehicles.  The road is a very rough old logging road which leads to a Forest Service campsite.  I suppose in the summer one could entertain the idea of towing an RV up there but I do emphasize the term “rough”.

Winter camping is possible with a truck camper but  4 wheel drive is essential…without exception.  The snow load and the heaving ruts make this road traversable for just a couple of months in winter.  After that the final 13 km are only accessible using snowmobile.  This varies from year to year depending on the amount of snowfall.

Pulling out Brookies is never a sure thing after the first couple of months of ice-fishing each winter.  The fish get extra sketchy and it is such a hugely popular lake that it does get fished out.  There is fish stocking done on a regular basis to compensate and ensure the next year’s fish population.


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