Protect the Sacred Headwaters: message delivered

I got this update from Forest Ethics regarding the letter that I signed asking the province to Protect the Sacred Headwaters:

Greetings Eldy,

Over 15,000 of you signed onto on our letter to Premier Christy Clark, asking her to protect the Sacred Headwaters. I wanted to deliver your messages personally to the Premier, and had my chance at the BC Liberal Party Convention in Whistler, BC.

As I approached her, her handlers tried to intercept, but Ms. Clark graciously said, “Just a minute; I want to hear what she has to say.” Face to face with the Premier, I presented her with 15 chocolate salmon—one for every thousand of you who signed the letter, and reminded her that time is running out to ban coalbed methane drilling in the Sacred Headwaters.

The moratorium on Shell’s greedily destructive plan to frack for coalbed methane expires in December. So we’re going full-force in our efforts to save the Sacred Headwaters.

Just to make your point clear, we delivered the letter and the stack of signatures to Premier Clark’s office, along with a copy of bus ads we placed on buses in Vancouver and Victoria. (A special thank you to those of you who donated to help print them). With just two months left until the deadline, your support is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for more news.


Karen Tam Wu Senior Conservation Campaigner, ForestEthics Advocacy

P.S. Do you know about our new blog The Root Word? Check it out and read more about the delivery of your signatures to Premier Clark! Time is short to save the Sacred Headwaters, so we’ve hand-delivered your message to Premier Clark!

How great it is to hear that the letter was delivered personally to Premier Christy Clark and that she was gracious enough to time a moment to listen and accept it.  Further, the letter and all of our signatures along with copies of the bus ads were delivered to her office as well to reinforce our message.  Thank you Forest Ethics for going the extra mile!!

Today’s “stone” is Day 317  our community of humanity at work on behalf of the planet…kudos


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