Greenlee Lake

Greenlee Lake is a small lake located just 5.6 miles from Canim Lake where we live . There are mostly Rainbow Trout some to about 2 to 4 pounds here. It is a small heavily treed Forest Service campsite for tents with a cartop boat launch and motor size restrictions.  We use an electric motor on this tiny gem.

The steep access road, which is more like a trail, can cause problems, for example giant water filled ruts the size of a VW beetle.  There are actually 2 ways of getting there however, one is not any better than the other really. Most folks now hike it or use an ATV to traverse it.  We have gone up in the summer using our 4-wheel drive truck but it is a tight fit.

We used snowshoes to hike up the trail to Greenlee for a winter picnic…it was a winter wonderland.

Exceptional rainbow trout have been found at Greenlee according to locals, I am not sure if that is still happening.  It is said that flies and spinning lures can attract the rainbows that often reach over five pounds.


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