Bobbs Lake

Bobbs Lake is a lake located just 3.1 miles from Canim Lake. We have found a variety of fish stocked there including rainbow trout, kokanee and sucker. Whether you’re spinning, baitcasting or fly fishing your chances of getting a bite here are good.

This has become our favourite lake to fish in all seasons.  The road is steep yet kept clear as the lake provides the Canim Lake Band Reservation with water.  We take great care of how we use this gem in the middle of paradise…pack it in…pack it out…including body wastes!

The joy and wonder of this lake is that not that many people make the trip up the mountainside to enjoy its bounty.  The road runs through the Reservation and we stopped in at the Band Office to ask permission to use it.  The lake is on Crown Land and there is a back way in, however, that is accessible only by ATV or snowmobile.

In winter once the snow is thick enough we use the back way in on snowmobile to avoid the treacherousness of icy spots on the steep road.  Going up is not the biggest problem with the winter road…it’s white-knuckling the truck around steep iced over curves on the way down…4 wheel drive does not mean much on ice.



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