Ask the Prime Minister and your MP to act on Cohen Commission recommendations

The David Suzuki Foundation also has a letter drafted for all to sign and send regarding the wild salmon:

It’s time to speak up for our wild salmon.

The Cohen Commission report is out, and Justice Cohen agrees with us: we need to step up and protect the future of our wild salmon. Cohen has made 75 strong recommendations, including putting a freeze on fish farm expansion and removing fish farming from Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s mandate.

We aim to ensure the government acts on these recommendations. Join us in asking the Prime Minister and your MP to start rebuilding salmon stocks.

Send a letter today.

This is the letter that I found, signed and sent from their lettering writing action page:

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I encourage you to act on the 75 recommendations put forward by Justice Bruce Cohen in his report from the Judicial Inquiry into the Decline of Fraser River Sockeye Salmon.

The David Suzuki Foundation, along with many stakeholders and British Columbians, participated in the inquiry. Justice Cohen’s recommendations agreed with much of the information we put forward. The 1,000 plus page report is thorough and acting swiftly to put recommendations into place will have a significant impact on rebuilding our Pacific salmon stocks.

Canada’s Wild Salmon and Habitat Management policies, if implemented, would make Canada a world leader in salmon management, supporting fisheries and other salmon-dependent communities.

Your government has committed time and funding for this full federal inquiry and we’re confident that you will move ahead swiftly with recommendations that will ensure we have sustainable salmon fisheries into the future to benefit all British Columbians. There is no more fitting icon to symbolize the Pacific Coast than the salmon.

In addition to implementing policies that Canada already has, we’re hopeful that you’ll also put in place recommendations to immediately limit open net-cage fish farming and transition it to closed systems, remove promotion of fish farming from Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s mandate and create a role within government responsible for overseeing the Wild Salmon Policy.

Today’s “stone” is  Day 315  write again, write more, to the PM this time


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